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You can contact us in a variety of ways. They are as follows…

Phone: 613-831-4246


Facebook: Adam Kittle Snowblowing Ltd.

Office: Please feel free to drop by! Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.

Please note, during a snowstorm, the best way to contact the office is either by phone, or email.

Our office address is: 2707 Carp Road, Carp ON

  1. A single driveway: Your driveway is one car wide
  2. A single shared driveway: Both yourself and your neighbour's driveways are one care wide with no divider between the two
  3. A double driveway: You can fit two vehicles side by side
  4. A triple driveway: You can fit three vehicles side by side

Please contact our office and we would be happy to give you a personalized quote.

We use inverted snow blowers that are mounted on John Deere 4 , 5 or 6 series tractors.

Our tractors are dispatched after 5 cm of snow has fallen.

Yes, we provide service seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day throughout the snow season, including holidays (Christmas and New Years).

Per our terms and conditions, we are not responsible for any damages done to interlock driveways. We will also place extra driveway markers, or wooden stakes to mark out any requested areas. The markers will act as a guide for our drivers. If you have a gravel driveway, we will still service you, however, you may not be serviced until a base has been built up.

Yes, we have a third-party company that shovels walkways for us. If you select walkway shoveling, it will be completed within 12 hours of the snowfall being completed.

We are always communicating with our customers. Once we determine when the tractors will be dispatched, we send an email out to all of our customers to advise them. We also post updates on our Facebook page as well.

The number of passes a tractor driver completes depends on the snow fall. The driver will do at least one pass, and then more if needed. Furthermore, the driver will also do one final pass after the city plows have gone by.

Although we recommend that you move your vehicle once it has been communicated that our tractors have been dispatched, we understand if it doesn’t happen. With that said, please call our office ASAP and we will try to have a tractor dispatched as soon as we can.

Yes, the contract covers a total accumulation of 275 cm’s (9 feet) of snow. We determine the total snowfall accumulation by looking at the data provided by Environment Canada as recorded at the Ottawa International Airport.

If the seasonal snowfall exceeds 275 cm’s, a surcharge will be calculated by the amount of extra snow received, the number of extra visits required, and the original contracted price. For example: Driveway Snow blowing: $500/275=1.81/cm multiplied by 50 additional cms= $90.5

We start to install our driveway markers on October 20th and we typically have them all removed by April 20th.

We ask that you please do not throw away your markers. If you would like them removed before we’re able to get to your house, please keep them for us or bring them to our office.

Absolutely! Our drivers are trained by some of the best in the business and they are given every opportunity to practice and familiarize themselves with the equipment. This means you might see one of our tractors around town even when it’s not snowing as they’re practicing and learning their route. We believe that proper training will lead to better customer service and it allows our drivers to operate safely and responsibly. We also have a lot of the same drivers year after year. They have a passion for the snow business and strive to provide the best service around!

Accidents sometimes happen and if they do, we have a proper procedure in place to ensure that our staff resolves the problem ASAP.

If you move after the contract has already commenced, and you move to a different location within our service area, we would be happy to transfer your services.

If you move outside of our service area, we would be happy to provide a refund for the service at a prorated rate.

Yes! The Snow Go Assist program is a subsidy program run out the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre for low income seniors who require financial assistance with their snow removal costs. For more information on this program, please visit…

If you’re not one of the lucky few that are able to escape to Florida for the winter months, we recommend some of the following…

Dress in layers when you go outside- make sure you cover your ears and hands, make your favourite hot chocolate at least once a week, prepare your vehicle for driving in the snow by installing snow tires, and get out and enjoy everything our city has to offer for winter fun!

No, our blowers are designed to remove snow

If you have an East facing driveway, you may have more snow/ice build up than your neighbour across the street. This is because they are receiving much more sunlight which helps melt the snow/ice even at cold temperatures.

Unfortunately it's too difficult for the driver to lift their blower over the big piles of snow. Intead, please scatter your snow to allow for better clearing.

Our tractors only go about 40 km/h. It may look like they're faster as they are a bigger vehicle.